Welcome to the First Presbyterian Art Gallery!

Gallery hours are Tuesday-Thursday     Noon- 5:00 pm, and during all theater performances. Other times by appointment.

​The Visual Arts Ministry is grounded in the belief that we are created in the image of God and that both the arts and religion are manifestations of the same creative spirit, deeply rooted in the human soul.

Feel free to browse the gallery artwork at your leisure. Contact the church for more information: 260-426-7421. The closest entrance to the art gallery (handicap accessible) is on the west end of the building.

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Exhibition News

FAME Children’s Art Exhibit 2022

The First Presbyterian Gallery is pleased to exhibit the children’s paintings from the 2022 FAME Festival beginning July 2 through August 28, 2022! The Foundation for Art and Music Education – FAME – is a Fort Wayne based program that conducts year-long celebrations...

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Meet The New Director of Fine and Performing Arts

A Fort Wayne native, Todd Sandman Cruz attended St. Charles Borromeo Elementary School, Bishop Dwenger High School and graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre. His education journey continued when he was accepted into the Professional...

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FPC Permanent Art Collection

The Permanent Collection consists of a number of original works of art and artifacts owned by the church. Many are displayed in various rooms and hallways of the church.

The Permanent Collection began with several gifts from well-known artists who were members of First church, Homer Davisson and Louis Bonsib.  A large oil painting depicting Judas and the thirty pieces of silver by an unknown 19th century artist hung in the fourth of First Presbyterian’s buildings, but its origin is not known.  Since the move to the present building the collection has gradually grown through gifts, commissions and purchases.  Several acquisitions were from Gallery exhibitions, either gifts from the artists or church purchases.  There are currently nearly 100 works in the collection.

Significant works included in the collection in addition to the few mentioned above are a number of works that relate to our Christian faith, such as the commissioned work by Russian artist Vadim Bora.  For this triptych displayed in the main lobby Vadim chose the motif of the Last Supper.  Other works reflect the beauty of the earth, such as a recent gift, Celebration of the Earth, by Brother Cletus Behlmann, while others remind us of the hope for peace and justice in a world troubled by oppression.  The mixed media piece, Dreams, by Jerusalem artist Taleb Dweik, depicts two Palestinian children looking toward Jerusalem and dreaming of being free to fly over the wall to leave the shambles of their homes.  It was purchased from the Room for Hope exhibition.

The Visual Arts committee maintains the inventory, keeps appraisals current for insurance purposes, maintains the physical condition and installations, and documents the location of the works throughout the building.

Notable Past Exhibits

Room for Hope:  Art of Palestine

This exhibit was sponsored by The Bethlehem Lutheran Christmas Church in Palestine and the Bright Stars of Bethlehem organization as part of an initiative to bring art, culture and education to Christians and Muslims and to empower people in a context of continuing conflict.  Many of the works expressed messages of hope for the future rather than concentrating on the current oppression. The reception featured a food sampler from the Middle East catered by Sudha Abbasi  and a lecture by Dr Michael Spath, Director of the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace.

The Art of Sadao Watanabe

Watanabe converted to Christianity as a young man, and his art is completely dedicated to Biblical themes.  It tells the stories of the Bible in a Japanese environment with Jesus clad in a kimono. The exhibit was part of a FPC Religious Arts Festival and featured a knowledgeable speaker, Sandra Bowden, of Christians in the Visual Arts. The artist was named as a national treasure of Japan and his work is acclaimed throughout the world.

Tossed and Found

Co-sponsored by FPC Earth Care Ministry and the Interfaith Earth Care coalition, this exhibition featured art made from materials that were recycled, repurposed, and reimagined.  It showed the creations of eight local artists using materials ranging from plastic to bottle caps, mops, wood and metal.  The congregation was asked to share their “junk” in collection bins to be used in our “junk to art” workshop bringing awareness to the trash we all collect and the need to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”

ReNEWal:  Art of All Abilities

Curated by DoArt Collaborative with support from Anthony Wayne Foundation, ReNEWal highlighted art created by people who have found artistic creativity as a way to transcend their disabilities. Some 70-80 works by 30 artists were featured and many proudly attended the reception. Photos of various works in the exhibit were made and used as bulletin covers throughout the run of the show. In conjunction with the exhibit the gallery, in collaboration with the Adult Education Committee, held two luncheon sessions to hear from families who have firsthand experiences living with loved ones with disabilities and how their special needs affect family life. Their message is, “We’re not special, we’re just living our lives like you are.”

Parish Art Shows and Workshops

We encourage our congregation to be creative in several ways, including a variety of workshops lead by visiting artists. Every other year we organize a Parish art show.  Paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, sculpture, fabric art, as well as creative writing by members are featured in the gallery.  Always a popular show!

Become an Exhibitor

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Please provide a brief biography, images of your work, and an Artist Statement to Rev. Carrie Winebrenner,

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