The FPC Missions Committee is thrilled to announce our new community service initiative, Hands on Fort Wayne! We are organizing a series of service projects to take place the Sunday after Easter, April 7, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

What is Hands on Fort Wayne? It’s a day that we as a congregation will go out into the community together and share the good news of Christ through our actions—sending members to multiple sites throughout the area to work on different community service projects.

Why are we doing this? Because Jesus told the disciples after His Resurrection to “go” and announce His Word. And so, we are “going” out to serve in the name of Christ and announce our faith through our works.

How are we doing this? On April 7, we will go out and serve “hands on” at various community partner organizations, or complete “hands on” service projects onsite at FPC. People of all ages and abilities can serve and are encouraged to serve! Our goal is to have at least 100 people serving on this day, and we encourage you to invite family and friends to participate with us, too. Sunday worship at 11:00 am will be very abbreviated and will include a commissioning of service prior to beginning our work.

We’re truly excited about Hands on Fort Wayne, and we can’t wait to go out and serve with you and share the Good News with our hands and feet as we serve our neighbors!

The FPC Missions Committee

Tony Borton, Chair, Bill Patterson, Beth Iserman, Chip Davis Jane Gastineau, Judy Hayhurst, Taff Silliman, Annie Epling, Staff Liasion

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