The Love Bomb is back!! This time with a twist (of lime) of course! Help us continue to support our community and LOVE BOMB (bomBARd with business) some of our favorite downtown bars! It’s been a tough year, especially for many local bars and restaurants that could be on the verge of making some even tougher decisions. Before we chance losing more of our favorite watering holes, let’s show up in true #fortwaynetogether fashion, sending them love and support during these difficult times. Together, we can make #DTFWLOVEBOMB go viral! ❤️???? For the next 3 weeks on Tuesday plan on LOVE BOMBing a different #DTFW business! September 8 – The Deck at Halls, September 15 – The Landing Beer Co., September 22 – JK O’donnell’s.

Here’s a list of ways that you can participate in the LOVE BOMB:
– Spend at least $5 at the business on their designated day.
– Take a selfie or picture of your purchase and tag the business. Be sure to include #DTFWLOVEBOMB.
– Share the business’s FB page or website on social media.
– Write a positive review on Google or FB.
– Send a donation
– Send the business or the employees a gift
– Share this event
– Tell a friend!!!

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