Earth Care & Sustainability


Mission and Goals of Earth Care Ministry


To respond to the PCUSA General Assembly’s “Call to Restore Creation” by becoming a certified Earth Care Congregation, inspiring our members and colleagues to become careful stewards working to restore balance and sustainability to the Earth for the preservation of all life forms and for future generations.


Carrying on the long Presbyterian tradition of Earth care and reawakening the creation-centered spirituality tradition of our Celtic ancestors, recognizing the Earth as sacred, drawing on the wisdom of other faith traditions, and recognizing ourselves as interconnected with all Creation;

Providing educational opportunities, relying on scientific research to understand the damage and threats to the Earth, and providing resources and avenues for reimagining active participation in the healing process;

Working toward making our church facilities and our homes and our communities environmentally sound and energy efficient;

Advocating for change through public policy and programs and coordinating with established organizations protecting the environment and with those promoting peace and eco-justice for all people;

Exploring and cherishing the world around us with wonder and gratitude.


In 2014 our Lenten Series was devoted to Living a Sustainable Lifestyle. Each of the five Wednesdays of the series began with a sustainable supper, followed by programs presented by various speakers addressing the theological and scientific aspects of earth care.  Learning about how the earth works and how we need to adapt our lifestyles to create a healthy future for this planet and future generations were addressed.  The programs drew many from the congregation plus community members.

In 2015 we earned the designation of Earth Care Congregation from PCUSA.  A Green Team was formed to plan and execute activities and programs and keep the congregation informed of movements and needs through our quarterly newsletter and regular emails.

What We Do

Our Green Team pools its resources with other organizations and participates in the activities of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light, Sierra Club, Little Rivers Wetlands, Fort Wayne Parks and others along with our own initiatives. Each season features a few subjects of concentration for our programs. This fall and winter we will emphasize pollution and clean, renewable energy.

Fall – Winter Schedule

Fair Trade Food Products – ongoing Sunday sales during hospitality time in McKay Hall.  

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

An Earth Care area is located in the Small Dining Room.  It includes:

recycling bins for small electronics and aluminum cans

bins for donation of clothing for kids and toiletries for the homeless

a center for finding current information on local organizations and their activities and programs

petitions to be signed, when available,

information on movements, contact information for government officials and national environmental organizations,

a source for picking up reusable and recycled items.

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