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Advent Wreath Liturgy: Nov 29 – Dec 20

Week 1: November 29, 2020 Isaiah 64:1-9 & Mark 13:24-37 Reader One: If ever there was a year we needed Advent, this is the year. We hardly know how to describe the year we have lived through. We hesitate to reflect on all the mess around us in 2020. All we know is...

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End of Life: Making Choices and Plans Here's an unusual question for you, and it may be one that you have already asked someone else or even yourself.  Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a funeral and reception?  Or maybe you have participated in the...

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Welcome Back To In-Person Worship!

For the first time since March 8, this Sunday, September 13, we will gather in the sanctuary at 11am to worship the heart of God in the heart of our city! Join us, all are welcome! Click here to submit a health screening form in English, and here for Korean....

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The Love Bomb Is Back!

The Love Bomb is back!! This time with a twist (of lime) of course! Help us continue to support our community and LOVE BOMB (bomBARd with business) some of our favorite downtown bars! It's been a tough year, especially for many local bars and restaurants that could be...

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Voting and Faithfulness

If HE were here to decipher all the turmoil leading up to November's election, and how it affects you, WWJD? #RockTheVote Join us online on October 7 at 7pm for an in-depth online discussion with local political analysts Andy Downs and Mike Wolf, moderated by...

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Parish Art Exhibition 2020-2021

Due to COVID-19, First Presbyterian Gallery has delayed the scheduled September 2020-May2021 exhibitions until the following year-all except for a unique version of the biennial Parish Art Show! We don't want the gallery to be 'dark' for the coming year so we will use...

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When you seek beauty in all people and all things you will not only find it you will become it. #downtownfortwayne #courtyard #urbanoasis #fortwayne #dtfw #firstpresproud #church ...

Purchase an #emptybowl this Sunday and help feed the hungry in our community and support the @purduefortwayne Food Bank, @blessingsinabackpack and the @purduefortwayne Students Ceramics Club! #feedthehungry #emptybowlsproject #pfw #fortwayne #firstpresproud #church ...

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