Carrie Winebrenner, a native of Indiana who was transplanted in Texas, is thrilled to become a Hoosier once again, even if it means saying so long to Dr. Pepper and HEB Groceries.  After a career in business management, Carrie finally realized the Spirit was calling her into ministry.  (read: Carrie is stubborn, and the Spirit is patient.)  While in seminary, her call into ministry has grown from a strong focus on pastoral care, developing throughout her studies, including ministry to persons with PTSD, grief and loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and hospice and palliative care.  It is Carrie’s joy and blessing to bring both her life experiences and her spiritual curiosity to this new residency program.

While “off the clock,” Carrie enjoys traveling without an itinerary, fishing with her father and/or 2-year-old nephew, taking photos of nature and wildlife (especially squirrels,) or picking up on random music cues.  While life is not really a Broadway musical, it is more fun with a soundtrack.  But in this un-fun time of COVID-19, Carrie has been clinging to the truth of one of her favorite verses, Psalm 34:18.   “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; God saves those whose spirits are crushed.” Lord, in your mercy.

Carrie is honored and blessed beyond words at this opportunity to come learn from and with the First Presbyterian Church community!

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