Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church,

The Bible’s most repeated phrase is “fear not”. This is a great thing to remember as we live through the coronavirus pandemic.  But, we’re also called to be smart. Here are some things we can do together to keep everyone safe:

  1. If you’re feeling sick, stay home. If you care for someone in a high risk category, or you’re in a high risk category, consider staying home. This is an important precaution to take for everyone’s safety.  You can watch the 11:00 English language service online right here or through our Facebook page. If you don’t feel comfortable attending worship, a committee meeting, Bible study, or other activity, everyone will understand. It’s especially important for people who are in high risk groups to be cautious.  And if you’re not in a high risk group but are feeling under the weather, consider staying home for the sake of others.
  2. Wash your hands! Often!
  3. Take advantage of the doors on the pews and stay put during the passing of the peace! And fist bump or elbow bump instead of shaking hands.
  4. Get your news from a reputable source. The Allen County Department of Health keeps its website updated and from there you can access other websites.

Your staff is working doubly hard to keep everything clean, and we are closely monitoring the situation. My mantra is “we’re open for business until we’re closed.” If we cancel anything we’ll make sure to let you know. (FYI: this is a good time to sign-up for church texts if you haven’t already! Sign up here) The Session meets Tuesday, and I know we’ll be discussing other precautionary measures we may need to take as the situation evolves.

In the meantime, try not to panic, wash your hands, be smart, stay well, and pray for those that are affected by this virus, their caregivers, and those working around the clock to minimize the impact of this virus. And remember the Bible’s most repeated phrase: fear not.

Pastor Annie

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