Why Religious Arts?

We offer Religious Arts... to celebrate the gift of our lives through music, visual arts and theater...to examine how and why we behave as we do...and to help us see past our earthly human lives and glimpse the Eternal.

Current Gallery Exhibition

"Works of Art" by Brenda Drayer and Robert Schroeder through January 5.

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Recent Music Event

September 29 - 3:00pm in the sanctuary - Ringing five octaves of Schulmerich and Whitechapel handbells, the men and women of Purdue Bells blend traditional handbell ringing with innovative techniques to play styles from classical to jazz.

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Current Theater Show

"Christmas Songs and Stories" - the perfect way to prepare your heart for Christmas. November 30 - December 15.

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Mission Statement
Art and religion share many common attributes. The Religious arts are grounded in the belief that both the arts and religion are manifestations of the same creative spirit, deeply rooted in the human soul. Read our mission statement
Did You Know?

The Permanent Collection consists of a number of original works of art and artifacts owned by First Presbyterian. Many are displayed in various rooms and hallways of the church.

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December 6th Fort Wayne City of Churches Tour
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December 7th Theater: "Christmas Songs and Stories"
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December 8th Theater: "Christmas Songs and Stories"
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December 9th Jane Morris Funeral Service