November 08, 2018

Wishing Tree Lighting Ceremony, 6:00pm—sponsored by the Korean Group Ministry.  The Wishing Tree in our Courtyard will be strung with lights and adorned with ornaments decorated by members and filled with  prayers or wishes.  In addition, colored floodlights illuminate two other trees, also adorned with hand-decorated bulbs. The community is invited to hang Christmas prayers and wishes from the tree.

The 5th Annual Ringing of the Bells, 7:30pm. Once again First Presbyterian Church will be joined by 8 other downtown churches and the Allen County Public Library as we jointly celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. Ringing of the Bells begins at a time when people are walking to Parkview Field for the Fireworks. The tradition of ringing of the Bells began in Germany where towns would have all the churches in a village join together as we now do here in Fort Wayne.