June 12, 2019

The bags are distributed to residents living in two shelters: Charis House for women and children and the  Rescue Mission for men.  Seamstresses volunteered their time sewing colorful bags that are used to hold personal hygiene items.  The congregation donated travel-sized toiletries and other personal hygiene items to stuff into the bags.  In addition, Karen Sandman applied for a grant from Thrivent and received 250 dollars which was used to buy more supplies. Over 160 Ditty Bags were then distributed to the shelters.  This is a new record.  Thank you to all who contributed to this much-appreciated project and to Thrivent for its support. 
This year’s seamstresses were Anne Barnett, Vicki Davis, Vickie Longardner, Pat Lundy, Pat Pierce, Janice Roddy, Suzanne Rowe, Marj Sapp, Taff Silliman, Sandy Shearer, Gretchen Wiegel, and Marcie Weissner.  Kathy Adair and Cynthia Scott helped string the ribbon pulls. 
On June 4, the following people assembled the Ditty Bags: Karen Bash, Chuck Chapman, Vicki Davis, Judy Hayhurst, Marianne Platt, Janice Roddy, Karen Sandman, Cynthia Scott, Sandy Shearer, Tom Sites, and Mary Winters.