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Presbyterian Mission Workers Scott and Elmarie Parker will speak during the 9:00am and 11:00am worship services March 24. They will also attend a luncheon and make a presentation and answer questions in McKay Hall following the worship service.  Following the 11:00am worship, a  Luncheon and Power Point presentation with questions and answers will be held in McKay Hall. The Missions Committee and our congregation support these missionaries in the Middle East, doing the work we cannot.  We encourage everyone to attend these events.

Scott Parker serves with the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) as PCUSA Associate for Ecumenical Partnerships and Communications.  Elmarie Parker, also a PCUSA Associate for Ecumenical Partnerships, serves as Regional Liaison to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.  Scott uses written story-telling to communicate the experiences and views of the Middle East Church and peoples with Presbyterian constituents in the United States and MECC partners in both Europe and the United States.  In addition, Scott has been asked by MECC to lead their efforts in responding to children traumatized by the unrest and war in either Iraq or Syria and now seeking refuge in Lebanon.  Out of this invitation has come the “Strong Kids, Strong Emotions” program. The heartbeat of Elmarie’s work is to help deepen and strengthen the relational ties between the church in her region, and the church in the United States, to develop the practical ministries that are birthed from these relationships.  She facilitates Presbyterian Church (USA) support for partner programs, relationships and activities and implements partnership strategy. She seeks to strengthen healthy, effective and appropriate relationships among entities of the PC(USA), and those of partner denominations and organizations in the region.  This often takes shape through PC(USA) group solidarity and learning visits facilitated by Elmarie to Syria/Lebanon or to Iraq.