Photo of Rev. Bill Lane
Associate Pastor for Children, Youth, and Families
260-426-7421 ext:

Rev. Bill Lane was born in Southern California but grew up in Salinas, Calif., where his mother still lives.   

Bill graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Biological Science. He got his M. Div. from McCormick Seminary in Chicago. Bill was very involved in his “home” church in Salinas. He has been elder, youth advisor and handbell director. During seminary, he served as the Interim Director for Youth Ministry for the far West Churches in the Chicago Presbytery. “Try to get that title on a business card,” he jokes.

Out of seminary, he served First Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His first ordained position was at Calvary Presbyterian Church in Riverside, Calif., just 45 minutes from Disneyland! Bill then received a call to Community PC in Vallejo, Calif. (14 miles south of Napa).

He moved to Fort Wayne in April 2017 to become Associate Pastor for Children, Youth and Families.

Bill enjoys reading, hiking, camping, travel and going to the movies. His favorite hobbies are board games, geocaching, cooking, kayaking, and theater.  He has more than 540 board games, and has logged more than 1,000 geocaches.

Cooking is another passion. He loves to make bread, soups and a variety of ethnic foods. He also owns seven Dutch ovens, which he loves to cook with over the open fire while camping.

If there is water, then look for a yellow kayak. Bill has been a part-time guide for many years. He loves the calm, peaceful feeling of being out on the water.

Bill was involved in theater at Community PC, where he produced/directed several plays and musicals, including “Beauty and the Beast.”